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Does This Sound Familiar?

“Hey everyone, we’re finally at that “comfortable” fund-raising level, so just sit back and relax!” said no NPO director ever.

Everyone who works in non-profit sector marketing and fundraising knows the heartache of fundraising. However strong your conviction, funding always seems to come up short. Our CRM for nonprofits is here to change that.

FunnelMaker is a strategic contact tool that unites your marketing, crowdfunding, and outreach– keeping your nonprofit connected, at the touch of a button…

Attract Donors

What about reaching out to potential donors? To grow and expand your outreach it’s necessary to increase funds. FunnelMaker tracks website visitors and automatically identifies those contacts who are already in your portal.

Never Miss Another Lead

You can gain information as new contacts fill-in sign-up forms. Workflows notify you and trigger email campaigns to inform and draw in potential donors. You won’t miss out on a penny.

Grow Donor Relationships

Our “Easy-builder” and “Drip Campaigns” give you the power to create attractive email communication that automatically reaches out to your target audience at the intervals you select.

As you place new contacts into your donor group, your drip campaign begins! Your time is valuable; just create emails once and add the right triggers to maintain endless connections.

Custom workflows let you build the perfect email sequences for every type of contact.

Call Management

Non Profit Fundraising Tip: a simple follow-up thank you call can increase subsequent donations by 8.3% compared to a 3.5% when a thank you note is received.

FunnelMaker’s call management system makes calling simple and easy. No note taking necessary– calls are automatically recorded and transcribed within the contact’s record for future reference.

Zero effort, zero wasted time. Easily move prospects, donors and contacts through your donation pipeline without struggling with confusing fields, knobs and dials– we give you complete control over the information you need, who can make changes to it, and even where you see it.

Non Profit Sector’s Biggest Challenges

Guidestar, a 501(c)(3) charity that collects data about nonprofits asked organizers an important question:

What is the greatest challenge your organization faces?

Here’s what they said…

So, whether you’re concerned about:

  • Finding the money to accomplish your mission
  • Getting the word out about what you do
  • Obtaining and/or incorporating the technology you need to accomplish your mission

…Or anything else, FunnelMaker’s customizable CRM system is the solution.

With unlimited user profiles, unlimited emails, unlimited workflows, and one low cost*, we’re the only tool you need to hit bigger goals, faster.

*monthly fee: We base our monthly fees on the number of contacts in your portal, so you can keep growing your team without growing your costs.

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