The Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

With the growing need to centralize marketing efforts, marketing automation has taken center stage to offer the much-needed solution.

Automation tools, such as Funnel Maker, are revolutionizing how marketers complete their tasks. Whether it’s email marketing, tracking, or workflow management, this solution now makes it easier to attain maximum lead scoring. This becomes feasible for many businesses to stay relevant in today’s competitive environment.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of using marketing automation tools.

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1. Improved Productivity

Marketing automation eliminates the need to have multiple tools for just about every task. In this case, you’ll need to integrate your tools to ensure a seamless operation. This means that you might have repetitive manual processes to complete your tasks.

With automation, you have one tool to manage all your activities. This reduces the need for integrations and repetitive processes. As such, you can focus on the core tasks that generate quality needs.

Tasks, such as acknowledging newsletter signups and personalizing emails, can be avoided. Your team can focus on generating new campaign ideas and nurturing important leads.

2. Reduced Costs

Reducing the overall cost of production is always the goal of every business.

First, since you’ll be using one tool, there’s no need for subscribing to other marketing tools. Only one subscription is enough to complete multiple tasks. Keep in mind that you only pay for what you need. Of course, you can change your plan as your business and needs grow.

In the past, marketing teams were large as most of the tasks were completed manually by humans. This is something that automation is displacing. You don’t need a lot of people on your team as most of the activities are automated. This helps to reduce the cost of hiring, managing, and retaining employees.

According to Gartner, using marketing automation tools can help to reduce your marketing budgets by 15 percent or more.

3. Better Lead Generation

The truth is, getting massive traffic to your site or having a long email contact list is not going to do you any good if most of those people aren’t interested in your business.

Automation helps you to target your potential customers or clients. This all depends on how you’ve designed your sales funnel. Ideally, you can identify the right leads only after they have completed multiple steps in your sales funnel.

This means you can create a lead list that is more targeted. For example, a visitor who arrives at your site through a landing page, clicks several links or pages, and signs up for the newsletter can be deemed as a potential client.

In the long run, you can avoid random email addresses and contacts that aren’t useful.

4. Improved Lead Nurturing

You have a list of potential clients, how can nurture such leads to ensure optimal returns?

Web visitors sign up for your newsletters because of a particular reason. They’re interested in your products, services, or information. The most important thing is keeping them engaged and interested in what you’re offering or doing.

The more you engage them, the more likely they’ll want to buy what you’re offering. This process is known as lead nurturing, and marketing automation makes it exceedingly easy for you. It helps to develop quality relationships at every stage.

However, the process can be time-consuming if you have a huge email list. The good thing is that automation allows you to nurture your leads without personalizing emails.

5. Improved Lead Conversion

How long does it take for you to convert leads into actual customers?

For most marketers, there’s usually a considerable gap in time between the first time visitor expresses interests and whey they decide to buy. Reducing this gap significantly means fewer efforts and expenses for you.

For that reason, you can turn to marketing automation tools to improve your lead conversion times. You can easily speed your leads through the buyer’s journey in a matter of days or weeks.

For example, Thomson Reuters experienced a 72 percent increase in conversion time after deploying a marketing automation tool. Automation fosters better relationships, and this prompts your leads to make your buying decisions as soon as possible.

6. Boost in Revenues

Investing in marketing automation can also give you an increase in revenues. The initial investment is not necessarily cheap, but the long-term benefits will justify the cost.

Using automation tools can result in an increase of up to 20 percent in revenues for B2B marketers. Most of the top-performing marketers attribute their revenue increase to marketing automation.

Basically, automation helps in improving better relationships. Thus, the more willing customers you have, the more sales you’re likely to make. In the end, profit generation is the forefront purpose of running a business.

7. Minimize Human Errors

Human errors are one of the leading cause of poor productivity and unexpected costs.

Deploying multiple tools for marketing and completing tasks manually creates room for errors. Some of these errors have the capacity to ruin your brand and reputation. That’s where marketing automation tools come in handy.

Errors, such as grammatical mistakes or sending emails to the wrong people, can be avoided. Since the process is automated, subsequent and recurring processes are usually handled by the software. This means no human input is necessary.

Also, automation tools have user-friendly interfaces. They are easy to operate and setup to avoid any potential errors during marketing.

Marketing Automation Tools – Final Thoughts

Well, if you haven’t automated your marketing processes, it’s time you need to rethink about it.

With the proliferation of marketing automation tools, there is an option just suits your package. But then, you want to look at the features, such as CRM, tracking, email marketing, and integrations, to ensure the package is worth your investment.

Funnel Maker is one of the top automation tools for improving collaboration and building your brand. We offer quick start and enterprise packages to help pick a plan that best suits your needs.

If you have any question about marketing automation, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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