That’s The Ticket

Why You Need A Ticketing Platform

When a customer contacts you with a problem which requires a follow up, where will you record the conversation or note what their issues or actions taken? No answer? That’s a problem. With no plan in place you can forget about solid customer retention.

The Solution: FunnelMaker

FunnelMaker offers an integrated ticketing feature which enables you to more effectively track, manage, and respond to your customer’s issues. Each ticket is associated with the client that submitted it, which allows you to have a complete view of your customer’s journey. This enables your team to deliver an effective and efficient customer experience. Happy Customer, Happy Business!

When there’s a lot going on, but not a lot of people to manage, ticketing becomes an essential element in organizing and managing your customers and keeping them satisfied. There are thousands of reasons to use Ticketing: Real-Time Tracking, IT Service Requests, Customizable Marketing Campaigns, Sales Calls, Customer Relations and more.

With FunnelMaker Ticketing:

  • Issues, customer feedback, and inquiries NO LONGER ‘slip through the cracks.’
  • Employees are notified when they’re assigned a ticket.
  • No time wasted. Always know what is going on with your customers.
  • Accountability is created as Management can track tickets and view who is working on which issue.
  • Resolution timelines can be set to notify Management of next steps


FunnelMaker Ticketing & Case Management

FunnelMaker CRM ticketing effectively delivers the best customer service experience. Don’t your customers deserve your BEST?

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