SMS Advertising Improves Engagement

More than 77% of Americans have a smartphone; and at least 95% have a mobile phone of some kind.

A lot of businesses already cater to their mobile audiences by using responsive web design and implementing local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It’s no wonder that mobile marketing involves more than SEO and website user experience.

SMS advertising can help leverage your existing mobile marketing efforts and engage with your customers in an entirely new way.

Let’s look closely at why you should strongly consider investing in mobile SMS marketing.

1. Instant Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is an essential component of any marketing scheme. Customers who are actively engaged with businesses are more likely to maintain a relationship with that business.

Engaged customers are also more likely to generate referrals, which can help expand your existing network of clients.

Keeping communication channels open with your customers further enables you to engage with them in real-time. SMS advertising offers an instant way to have this customer engagement.

What’s more, most of your customers are likely to have their mobile devices on hand. This is particularly the case for smartphone users, who frequently depend on their phones to check email, browse social media, and find information.

SMS marketing surpasses other forms of digital advertising in this sense. Social media and email marketing can be equally effective, but some customers don’t see emails right away. Others may not have social media accounts.

2. Acquire Feedback

Understanding how your customers think and operate is essential to crafting products and services they are likely to desire. Gaining customer feedback can help you hone marketing strategies and boost conversion rates.

It can be tough finding ways to gather client thoughts, particularly if you have already tried social media surveys or email queries.

Text message advertising gives you a chance to send out surveys to large audiences in seconds. You can ask one-question surveys that require one word or numerical response for faster feedback.

Text message surveys are often less tedious for customers to complete. They also remind customers that you are actively interested in their reflections, a key component of nurturing customer relationships.

3. Mine and Analyze Important Data

The key to a successful marketing campaign lies in its data. Analyzing marketing campaign metrics can help you identify what is working about your current advertising efforts.

it can also give you insight into user engagement, product viability, and more.

SMS advertising enables marketers to analyze metrics that provide insight into customer interest and response. These metrics include delivery and open rates, click-throughs and opt-ins, and conversion rates (the ultimate number).

Analyzing the results of your mobile text marketing efforts can help you segment your market further and target the customers most likely to respond. You will also gain a firm understanding of market interest.

4. Engage Customer’s Effectively

Most SMS advertising delivers more than mere information to clients. It’s possible to elevate customer response and overall engagement with certain messages.

Most SMS marketers, for example, will send out an initial message to first-time clients and request customers to “opt-in” to receiving future SMS messages. This requires an active response from the customer, such as a simple “YES” or numerical input.

Once customers have actively opted into a text messaging relationship with a business, they can receive further messages designed to generate engagement. These include surveys and questionnaires.

But they can also include discounts and promotions only accessible via customer response.

The more a customer interacts with your advertising, the more she is likely to stick around. If she is a lead, she’s also more likely to convert if she is putting in the effort to respond to a message.

5. Bolster Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is taking the online world by force. If you already have other online advertising campaigns in place, mobile SMS marketing can leverage these efforts.

Text message advertising can leverage a promotion you’re marketing on Facebook at the moment. It can incorporate links to a newly released podcast or video. It can even help acquire new newsletter subscribers by funneling responders into an online form submission.

Because SMS marketing is on the low end of intrusive advertising, it can be more successful at generating campaign payoffs.

6. Save Money

Marketers are always looking for ways to save money on advertising. Even though digital marketing offers most businesses a viable and affordable means of engaging with customers, online advertising still constitutes a significant investment.

Mobile text marketing offers businesses a cost-effective means of targeting a large audience. Marketing messages cost businesses between $0.01 and $0.05 per text.

This is astounding in comparison to other marketing channels!

Because SMS marketing can leverage other advertising efforts, it is a financially sound addition to your communications lineup.

7. More Leads

Many argue that we are moving into a digital age that is predominantly mobile. Certainly, the number of current smartphone users–77% of Americans–is a testament to the future of mobile audiences.

Businesses who cater smartly to their mobile users are more likely to gain high conversion rates.

Gain valuable mobile leads by implementing SMS advertising. The beauty of a smartphone lies in its ability to receive text messages and provide access to the internet.

A well-crafted text message, for example, can bring a customer to your website within seconds of delivery. If your site is responsively designed for mobile access, that customer is more likely to linger–and maybe make a purchase decision.

How Can SMS Advertising Benefit Your Business?

Given today’s proliferation of mobile devices, implementing SMS advertising can be your secret to digital marketing success. Sending out text blasts to your customer base can boost the performance of other marketing efforts, including SEO and social media campaigns.

It can also increase customer engagement, a key component of long-lasting client relationships.

Text messages are relatively non-intrusive, easy to respond to, and cost-effective for businesses to implement.

As such, a well-honed SMS campaign can show your clients that you are invested in their opinions. It establishes you as an industry authority eager to engage with clients, wherever they are at.

At Funnel Maker, we love helping our clients craft the marketing funnels that can lead to higher conversion rates. We can help you implement a high-performing text messaging campaign today. Learn more about our mission here!

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