How Workflow Value Can Increase Your Profit

Are You Missing Out On Revenue?

What happens when your contact visits your website multiple times in a row? What about when they open and read your email over and over? If your reply is, “Nothing,” you may be missing out on potential sales. With FunnelMaker, when a client checks out your website, blog, online newsletter or clicks on an email you’ve sent, an automated workflow, triggered by your predetermined scoring values can activate and notify your team to engage.

One of the key values of workflows is that it can make a smaller organization look and function like a larger organization. They ensure a consistent process with each contact and helps make sure that no one falls through the cracks. Like every other facet of the FunnelMaker platform, workflows can be tracked, providing transparency and accuracy of process.


4 Reasons Workflows Add Value

According to Technology  Companies and departments that automate workflows can reap quite a few benefits like:

1. Improved communication. When many responses are automated, recipients no longer have to request follow-ups or status reports. Team members can focus on more high-value communication.

2. Improved accountability. By defining steps and process owners, each team member can be held accountable for their role.

3. Reduced errors. Automation reduces the risk of accident or oversight and eliminates many of the manual processes where errors can creep in. Your team members spend less time copying data from one function to another.

4. Streamlined functions. Automation simplifies workflows and reduces human touchpoints to the ones that really matter.

Using workflows to automate functions saves time, helps eradicate errors, and reduces company costs. By removing unnecessary steps and repetitive tasks, your team’s overall job performance can be increased. Using FunnelMaker Marketing platform to streamline your processes will help you to be competitive as you move forward into the future.

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