Easily Access, Analyze and Optimize Critical Business Data – A FunnelMaker Overview

Marketing Automation at the Speed of Business…

5 Steps to Build Your Business with FunnelMaker

Contact management software needs an update. Businesses need to integrate their departments more than ever to successfully market and sell, and they need better tools to do it. That’s why we made FunnelMaker.

Today’s continuous bombardment of information makes getting your business’ message out successfully and locating prospective clientele more challenging than ever, but we can keep every part of the process organized for you, so you can get back to building your empire.

You can track all your most important metrics and KPI’s in your customer dashboard (like the example pictured above), or dive deeper into the facets of your marketing strategy without missing a beat…

Flawless Marketing Segmentation, Done for You

Using Funnelmaker’s advanced CRM system is like adding a 24-hour marketing team to your staff. FunnelMaker continuously monitors all interactions involving your websites, videos, landing pages, emails, web forms and documents.

Using those results, it can automatically execute targeted email marketing, drip campaigns, workflows and auto-responders.

When your contact responds by opening, reading, forwarding or clicking on your marketing communication, their activity is noted within their record.

Based upon pre-selected values given to each action, your prospective leads are segmented and identified.List Segmentation Email Drips and Funnel Automation from FunnelMaker CRM



5 Steps to a Successful Start with FunnelMaker

1. Scrub that Data

Make sure your list has been cleaned before importing. There should be no duplicates, all information needs to be up-to-date and correct. Taking this vital step will save you time, money and help you avoid trouble in the future.

2. Rally Your Team

Your amazing new CRM is only valuable if it is being used and being used properly. Take the time to familiarize yourself and your team with all aspects of the software and have expectations that they will learn and utilize it!

3. Sign Up

Create landing pages with sign-up forms help capture data that will grow your contact list with interested prospects. Sign up forms can also be embedded into your website. More leads mean more growth!

4. Contact!

Create professional attractive marketing emails and reach out to your contact list. Whether you’re creating a drip-campaign or a one-time email, tracking results will help keep you apprised of potential leads.

Converting that contact, into a lead, then into a valuable customer is what it’s all about.

5. Process, Process, Process

Continue to develop your processes and workflows within the FunnelMaker platform. It offers over 100 CRM functions and capabilities, once set up with your data and requirements, can automatically execute tasks without any effort from you or your team. Plant once, harvest endlessly.

The most important step is GET STARTED TODAY! Sign up for your free trial and find out why FunnelMaker is “One Of The Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solutions.”


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