Does Your CRM Do This?

Understanding CRM Solutions

It’s important to understand the functionality included in each CRM software. The most sought-after functions are listed below:

  • Sales force automation

Contact and opportunity management, sales forecasting, pipeline analysis and reporting.

  • Marketing integration

Lead management, email and event marketing, marketing analytics and campaign management.

  • Customer service & support

Trouble ticketing, self-service solutions, case management, customer experience platforms, live chat and surveys.

  • Help desk automation

Trouble ticketing, knowledge management, self-service and IT asset management.

No Time Wasted

With an “out of the box” fully integrated relationship management tool, like FunnelMaker, you don’t have to build the CRM, add-on the dialer, email system, analytics, and take the time to consider all the possible bolt-on features. If you’re wanting to change direction or get a new positive start, then a primary fundamental fully integrated system will put your team worlds ahead of all the others.

Effective Projects Management

By storing up-to-date detailed customer information, recording interactions, phone calls, opportunities and tracking website visits, email reads and video views, your insight into potential leads and forecasting customer needs is greatly enhanced. FunnelMaker effectively helps you manage new and on-going opportunities and keeps your team on track.

Better Customer Relationships

The impact of this obvious advantage can be massive. With FunnelMaker, your team member can have immediate access to the relevant information about your client and their account, allowing them to assist them on the spot. Gone should be the days when pertinent information is only accessible by the personnel in a particular department. Your CRM should serve the user, not vice versa.

Less Repetition – Greater Efficiency

One major benefit of a fully integrated CRM system is the reduced wasted time caused by manually sharing information between various systems and team members. Information is entered into the system once, there is no need to re-key from one system to another. Automated workflows reduce repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on more important work.

To support successful business execution, FunnelMaker integrates key strategic solutions that assure quick start capabilities and accelerated operations for managing your business. Transferring data to these select systems for accounting or advanced shopping cart functionality really drives your sales and marketing efforts to higher levels of results.

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