Does Video Rule The SEO World?

Today’s saavy companies are using video to communicate their value and deliver a great customer experience. The brilliant companies are using a marketing tool that tracks client views and identifies potential leads.


Video can add a human touch to automation and help connect your company with customers. According to Brainshark, “Video is a powerful method of communication, and one that continues to grow in popularity.  Engaging video content has become a must-have for today’s brands as they work to bolster their online presence.”

Forrester Research estimates that one minute of online video equates to approximately 1.8 million written words. In addition, HubSpot tells us that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. Statistics show that social media posting which includes videos attracts 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts which leads to more reads, leads and most importantly revenue!

Next Steps

So your video is made, and you’re posting away on social media, what’s next? You can probably track traffic to your website and maybe you have begun to notice an increase in interest in your brand and more revenue coming in. What more can be done?

Landing pages with sign-up forms can build a contact list of interested leads. A great marketing tool can track the actions of those leads, giving insight into conversion as they progress in relationship with your brand. CRM business automated workflows can help keep you in contact and further that connection. More customers means increased revenue, it’s a win-win situation.

Improve your SEO with video

Seo Land shares these tips:

Video integration. The presence of video itself affects the most important SEO ranking factor: content. Video is evidence of quality content, and as part of a media mix on a site, it helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests So having video on your site will boost page rank.

Keyword labels. Provide more information to search engines to help identify your videos as relevant to search results, just as you would label pictures and graphics. Including keywords used for text SEO in fields used to describe your video (in titles, file names, descriptions and tags) ensures that the relevance of your video to search results is clear to search engines.

Video transcript. Including a transcript of the audio portion of your video improves its findability and adds further support for its relevance to search requests.

Video sitemap. While information on your video sitemap might duplicate some of the keyword labels used to identify the video, it is a separate process. Video sitemaps are an extension to the general sitemap of your Web property. Metadata that may be customized include duration, rating, view count, age appropriateness, whether the video may be embedded and other useful information.

Host your video on YouTube. YouTube is, on its own, the second-largest search engine in number of search queries. Secondly, YouTube is owned by Google. You can make your own conclusion about what that means, or you can look at this chart.

Optimize videos for load time. Google considers page performance in its algorithm. Page load time affects user experience, which means it affects SEO

Backlink from your YouTube video. While shares and links to your YouTube video won’t count as links to your website, you can create two backlinks from YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and insert your Web page into your channel profile. Also insert your link in the video description.

Social signals. Getting more people to like or view your video is a positive signal to search engines of the value of your content. This will increase the likelihood of your video being found and driving traffic to your site.

People like videos, watch videos, and tend to remember them. Using engaging video as a part of your successful marketing strategy can increase your SEO and your bottom line. Adding FunnelMaker online marketing tool’s automated abilities and real-time tracking features, increases it even more!

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