Can a Marketing Automation Platform Create a Better Customer Experience?

Most believe that marketing is the necessary evil that customers deal with to find out about your brand. But, with a marketing automation platform, you can use your marketing efforts to offer a higher quality customer service experience.

Here we outline details on how marketing automation benefits both customer experience and marketing, and how marketing automation platforms make the most of your marketing efforts.

Tthe data received from the platform can help you give a better customer experience that is proactive, not reactive.

Can a Marketing Automation Platform Make a Better Customer Experience?

Using a marketing automation platform gives your clients a better customer experience through specific targeting. The platform gives you automatically organized data on every person who clicks through your ads.

You are able to obtain their social media accounts, emails, phone numbers, have access to how much they spent, and know what they bought.

This allows you to create detailed and specific email and ad campaigns for your exact demographic.

You can reach every mom between the ages of 25-35 who use both Facebook and LinkedIn to let them know about your new children’s line or your nanny services.

This is the powerful marketing and customer service that serves up only what is applicable to that audience.

The Customer Service Age We Live In

This is the era of the online shopper. More customers are abandoning brick and mortar stores for the ease and convenience of the online experience.

In this immediate gratification society what customers want is also changing. It’s not enough to answer the demands of some disgruntled customers after the fact.

Customers expect businesses to be proactive in their responses. An overwhelming 87% of customers to be exact.

Send out a product you realize has a glitch? Reach out to every customer who bought the item before they know it.

Launching a new product? Target the exact people who it would sell to with your ads.

A proactive business response is not possible without a way to track detailed information about your clientele. This is where the marketing automation platform comes in.

By having every one of your customer’s demographics, social media accounts, emails, and more you can truly be proactive. You can find exactly the people who will benefit most from your message.

This means more potential sales, happier customers, and more effective marketing budget spend.

Marketing Automation Is The Way To Go

To compete in the “I need it now” environment of your average customer today you can’t afford not to have a marketing automation platform.

With its vast data that’s easily accessible, you can skyrocket your business much sooner than in the past. Through targeted outreach your marketing spend will be much more efficient in getting eyeballs where you want them.

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