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FunnelMaker expedites the click-to-call process amazingly by combining their Call Management tool with “voice-drop message” and “auto-transcribe notation” features. These added features allow the caller to FOCUS ON THE CONTACT rather than note taking and enable them to render the best possible customer service experience.

Customer service and sales reps in almost every industry have responsibility stacked on top of responsibility! They must make sure the customer is happy, create and renew agreements, conduct product demonstrations/webinars and all the while prospect for new clients. All this needs to be done with the highest amount of productivity and efficiency possible. At FunnelMaker, the CRM does the work and the click-to-call tool is taking reps who were making 30 calls/day to 130 calls/day! Even more importantly, business owners are now getting real insight into the market penetration system.

4 Benefits with FunnelMaker Call Management:

  1. Multiple shared access users can use this feature
  2. Manage all inbound and outbound calls
  3. Review and playback call transcripts
  4. Calls are automatically integrated within a customer’s CRM – this way you can modify your clients, as well as your team’s activity and their conversations

Perhaps you currently utilize email marketing as the main method to reach out to your contacts. Email marketing is a necessary and effective way to stay in touch; however, there are times when a phone call can be more effective.

In the article Email Prospecting vs Cold Calling: What’s Best? Livia Stancu, of Inside says:

“Phone calls are more effective than email at gathering responses. This happens for a number of reasons, but let’s list the most obvious:

Recent stats show that the average office worker receives around 121 emails per day. In this type of crowded medium, it’s hard to stand out and get someone’s attention;

One study shows that 57% of people who receive a cold email think it is spam without even opening the email;

Phone outreach has a response rate of 8.1% compared to .03% for email.”

The experts at Active advise that it is best to find a click-to-call software that also takes care of the rest of your marketing needs.

“Looking for software can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know what to be looking for. Click-to-call software can be a stand-alone product, but your best bet is to look for marketing optimization and automation software to take care of your click-to-call needs as well as the rest of your marketing needs.”

When staying in contact with your current customer, or reaching out to a lead, whether the method is email, click-to-call, or sms, FunnelMaker covers all your CRM and marketing needs in one easy to use, affordable platform.

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