6 Important Automation Processes to Include In Your CRM System

Are you getting the most business value from your CRM solution? CRM automation is a huge step forward in efficiency and realizing business results. Don’t let your competitors outperform you with their CRM strategy.

Your CRM is a data resource packed with opportunity. But the way in which you organize and leverage that data can hurt or help your business.

Today, 71% of companies claim that closing more deals is their top sales priority. CRM automation streamlines sales, freeing your team from routine or tedious tasks. Teams that automate marketing have more time to focus on value-added processes and do more with unique targeting.

Fortunately, setting up your automated tools is easy. We’ll help you understand the potential of automation processes for your business. Then we’ll identify the most important automation processes to include in your CRM system.

The Proven Results of CRM Automation

CRM is essential to your sales and marketing efforts. You may have had some success with manual leveraging of your CRM resources. But your CRM holds the power that can extend to marketing and other teams as well.

Sales teams depend on marketing to produce qualified leads. This is often a difficult manual process that involves manual data entry, taking away from critical marketing practices. Marketers can automate your lead capture and segment them based on channel and other factors.

Sales teams are under constant pressure to acquire new customers and greater sales. But nurturing existing leads and clients is another of their responsibilities. This often falls by the wayside as it’s a tedious and time-consuming activity.

Automation allows sales teams to set up drip email campaigns to automate lead nurturing. You can set up notifications for sales and marketing teams to keep them informed. But they needn’t spend all of their time carrying out manual tasks.

6 Automated Processes that Will Transform How You Succeed with CRM

Only 10% of marketers are confident in their marketing automation programs as part of their greater marketing strategy. Marketing and sales teams have a lot of room for improvement. But this is also an opportunity for you to get ahead.

We’ve just highlighted two examples of how CRM automation can help sales and marketing teams. Let’s review six CRM automation processes that will help you transform sales and marketing. You’ll find getting started is painless as well.

1. Marketing Strategy & Workload Planning

If you are familiar with inbound methodology, you understand the connection between marketing and sales. Engaging potential customers in meaningful ways is a challenge. And there are always more opportunities than marketers have time to leverage.

CRM automation allows marketers to streamline these processes. Marketers can plan projects, centralize resources, and create an automated workflow. This accelerates processes and protects against failures as they move on to the next strategy.

Automation enables your teams to work in harmony, on time, and with the right resources. You can count on timely results and deliver better projections for ROI.

2. Lead Management & Qualification

Consider what percentage of marketers’ time is spent on lead management and qualification. Have you ever felt there is a better way to manage this process? Automation cuts out tedious steps and leaves only what humans need to work on.

Automated lead capture segments your leads and categorizes them in your CRM system. These tools can notify your team so they are informed about every transfer.

Is your team tired of scoring leads based on obvious data? CRM automation can score leads and notify your team of high scores. Simply set up your criteria and keep an eye on the results.

3. Rapid Lead Distribution

Sales managers must be ever vigilant of incoming MQLs before distributing them to salespeople. An automated CRM system can distribute these leads instead of that manager. This frees up time for managers to focus on the real business of sales–closing deals.

A Gartner study revealed that companies automating lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue. That’s because the process compounds value. Your team can focus on creating value just as automation adds its own.

4. Lead Prioritization, Nurturing, and Retention

Acquiring new customers is the most critical function of sales. Nurturing, retaining, and delighting customers are also revenue drivers. But these only add to salespeople’s workloads and can take away from creative sales initiatives.

Automated processes help sales teams keep leads and customers engaged before they go cold. CRM automation allows sales to set up timed and customized reminders without manual distribution. Team members receive notifications when these take place with little need for involvement.

5. Reporting & Data Integrity

Even stringent sales and marketing teams let reporting get out of hand. That’s because conditions can often take away from attentive reports. But both teams need reporting for analysis and ongoing improvement.

CRM can automate reporting on your behalf. You can receive notifications about reports without any manual involvement. This keeps your teams updated on their progress and in tune with what information is entering your CRM.

During team meetings, it’s easier to show consistency and victories in your presentation. You can count on the same standard of reporting day-in and day-out.

6. Driving Competitive Value

If you’re building your strategy with automation, keep your end goal in mind. You’ll find that compared to manual methods you’re taking a fast, easy, and effective route to get there.

CRM automation is about more than making life easier. It helps you consolidate assets for the most actionable resources. It helps your team focus on creative solutions that drive competitive value and ROI.

It’s also about peace of mind. The conditions in which your team innovates is critical to success. With CRM automation, you’ve made a critical step towards transforming your strategic approach.

The Simple Way to Automate CRM

If this sounds like a game changer, you’re right. With the right help, you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to get started.

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